To craft your piece, Alaïa has painstakingly selected the leather. Every item is unique, and the small marks, variations in color and veins are natural elements and not imperfections. Each ennoblement consists of a large number of manual operations, and slight differences are the mark of the work of our leather goods artisans. In order to preserve the quality of your bag, please follow these suggestions:
- Avoid contact with water, cosmetic products, perfumes and oily substances. If your bag enters into contact with water, clean it delicately with a soft tissue to absorb the liquid. Leave it to air dry away from sources of heat.
- Avoid any prolonged exposure to intense sources of light or heat.
- Take care not to scratch it against abrasive surfaces.
- Do not keep it in a wet, hot or unventilated area.
- Put it away in its protective dust bag, never in a plastic bag.


The materials for Alaïa clothing have been chosen very carefully. In order to preserve their quality, please treat them with care. We recommend reading the care instructions found on the tag on the item’s interior or entrusting it to a dry cleaning service.


Suede, as it is a sensitive material, must be delicately brushed with a specific eraser. Suede cannot be polished. As such, it is important to use an anti-stain product. Waterproofing spray is only effective for a short period of time, so repeat the treatment regularly.

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